beMatrix has the look and design of traditional Exhibition system while having flexibility of a Modular system.

Panels or textiles are fixed into the frames and not in between structures, the structure is hardly visible, leaving more space for graphics featuring a clean uncluttered look Panels can be mounted onto the frames with velcro tape.

Textile panels can be fitted into the profile allowing for Back-lit with LED panels

beMatrix is a Fast build system “Probably the fastest building system in the world”

With over 12 years of using the ever popular BeMatrix Modular System, Exhibit4U are pleased to announce that we have further increased our stock of frames & panels. We can now build anywhere in the world and at any size/configuration. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we’re sure we can offer a cost effective design solution. For more information, contact Julie Bennett on 0113 2506533.

We have over 12 years of experience and understanding of how to use the BeMatrix system in order to achieve excellent exhibition designs. There are many advantages of using a kit system such as BeMatrix. It offers a super speedy build up time with frameless graphics; with an amazing range of straight and curved panels and accessories and an enormous number of options that are available. Foamex or Fabric infill panels fit neatly into the aluminium frame system – so the stand can be made to look new and different every time it goes to an exhibition without incurring expensive costs.

When combined with our ability to create custom plinths and other display items, our designers can create exhibition stands that will set you apart from the competition.




We have just added a range of curved frames and panels from Aluvision – these new frames are compatible with our existing range of beMatrix frames and extend the range of stand designs that we can now complete.

The unique Aluvision concept offers solutions for straight and curved hard panel walls and also fabric walls, as well as for hanging signs.

Aluvision is also specialized in developing LED solutions for the illumination of design objects, stand alone displays and large fabric structures.

All of our ecological product solutions combine ingenuity and simplicity of set up with a superior degree of finishing which guarantees an elegant, functional and sustainable result.

Thanks to the wide range of creative solutions the Aluvision system offers, you will be able to personalize each and every of your designs to your clients’ needs.


Please see the latest Medtronic stand built using a combination of both systems. Project 04


We have added the T3 modular display system to our exhibition portfolio. We can now offer this system as an alternative to BeMatrix and Aluvision to create small to medium sized exhibition stands . We beleive that T3 will give you a solution that can grow with your needs. The versatility of T3 means that it can be easily used within shell scheme space and small or large exhibition space only areas, giving you a custom look but with a lower cost base.

We can use T3 as one element of the stand or complete solutions. T3 offers both straight or curved counters, walls and hanging banners, to really make your exhibition display standout from the competition. T3 Requires no tools is easily transportable and can be self-built, the T3 modular display system allows a for a versatile exhibition solution.